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Beast London

Behind an enigmatic door in London there lies a place to drink and feast


Beast, a unique dining experience

Beast London is the epitome of land and sea on one plate. Set in a sumptuous candlelight room the mood reflects that of the Arctic fisherman huts where they came to tell tales and feast on the crab. The earthiness of the walls tells the story of the highlands where the cattle are reared under a strict and protected programme.

Feasting and Drinking

Join us under candlelight at Beast - with long tables in sumptuous surroundings near Oxford Circus. Be ready to indulge in feasts sprawled across the table. Savour the Beasts of land and sea. Complemented with an exceptional wine programme.

Led by Executive Chef Phil Campbell, he ensures the complexity of the meat and the delicacy of the crab, are of the highest grade that can be achieved. Antonio Ciardiello leads the guest experience which is like no other in London.


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'Where true beef eaters come to share their passion'

Misha Zelman, Owner

Beast London

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