Cows grazing

Legends of the Land

Over mountain and through every forest

lake with mountain and mist

The legends of the land

Our philosophy

Our relationship with beef doesn't originate in the kitchen but rather in the landscapes, where the farmers who work with nature, develop and continuously refine their methods to rear the happiest and finest quality cattle they possibly can. We meticulously choose our suppliers, who align with our commitment to ethical practices, sharing our philosophy of doing things the right way.  


highland cow

Chosen breeds and exquisite ageing

We scour the globe for truly exceptional cuts, including: Rubia Gallega, Galicia and Miguel Vergara from Spain, Vacca Vecchia from Italy, Australian Halal Certified beef and USDA Nebraskan beef, finished on corn for a sweet tender experience. We also have a Japanese selection featuring Sakura pure Japanese Wagyu, from the tropical island of Kyushu and we are proud to hold the official Kobe bronze statue in our restaurant.

All European breeds are sourced as fresh as possible and dry-aged on site from 40-60 days, this is to allow for maximum control over the ageing process.



meat in Beast restaurant
hot coals

Artful cooking

Beast uses a specially designed grill, built in the USA, which allows us maximum control over the cooking process. We use a premium charcoal, 100% Natural Oak and Hickory. The combination of our grill and charcoal provides the perfect balance between heat and smoke. Slow cooking our steaks in this manner with prolonged exposure to smoke develops a very unique flavour.

steak up close
seasoning meat
mist over forest and mountain
chunks of uncooked meat
slice of meat uncooked
slice of uncooked meat
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hot coals and flames
meat cooking
meat with Beast tag
meat in Beast restaurant
Cow grazing in fog
Cows grazing in fog
meat cooking
Coals on fire

Arrange Your Experience

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meat cooking
slicing meat