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Beast Restaurant London

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10 Years Of Beast

This year marks our 10th Anniversary and we couldn't be more proud to celebrate this with you.
We invite you on a journey of flavours of Land and Sea.

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From the dawn of its very existence it has searched land and sea to feast. Craving the extravagance of nature's finest flesh. Relentlessly drawn to flame and fire. Behold you are the Beast.

I am the Beast
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The World's Greatest Surf and Turf

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Tales from the Sea

The king of the seafloor was held aloft. Cherished and alive they followed the northern light to port. From the arctic cold they entered & lit the candles. The Beast appeared and the crab was no more.

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Legends of the Land

In the wilderness they encountered one other. A science & passion committed them to an eternal art. A masterpiece of muscle, fat & bone they created. Was hung out to dry as sacrifice to the Beast.

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Beast, a unique dining experience


Deep in the heart of London there is a door

An enigmatic entrance to a place to drink and feast. Home to the best surf and turf in London The legends awaken, the shadows flicker. They call you, they hail you. The Beast.

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