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From the Arctic to Shore

Across Oceans to the edge of the wilderness

Choppy sea water

Tales from the sea

Harnessing the Barents Sea

It takes something to rise in the darkness and head out to the ink black open water. Our friends in the northernmost part of Norway do this day in, day out, in order to plunder the sea bed for the Norwegian King Crab. Out here in the Barents Sea, without their natural predators, they colonise the ocean floor. Rich pickings for those willing to reach these depths. 


fishing net
up close of crab

Kings of the depths

These Norwegian King Crab reach maturity at around 6 years old, living until up to 20. Outstretched their spindled legs can measure 5ft across. Once landed, we fly these majestic creatures across to the UK and bring them live into our King Crab restaurant in London, where we have specially designed tanks waiting. 


close up crab claw

And other hidden gems

It's not just about the Norwegian King Crab, we are forever searching to unearth other hidden beauties. We source extra large scallops from the Orkney Islands, Scotland - they are hand dived and selected for size at depth. Jersey Rock Oysters, cultivated in Grouville Bay on the Southeast coast of Jersey, renowned for their exquisite taste - fresh, sweet, mineral-rich and creamy. French Gillardeau, the famous fourth generation oyster dynasty, are sweet, fruity and salty. Finally our live native lobster, locally sourced off the South coast of the UK. Although there is no way of telling a lobster's age, it is estimated that a 2.5kg lobster is approximately 20-25 years old.

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cooked crab
Choppy sea water

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